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10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021

Blogs are undoubtedly a great beginning of information and inspiration. Architecture is a string that connects various parts of the world and makes different communities together with art and design. With the virtual world taking over the real world, to increase the reach of information, blogs are a great way to nurture that movement. Inspirations are all around us, and when they come under one roof, it is easier to explore, access, and learn. Blogs also help in bringing multiple viewpoints, perspectives on popular topics, and scenarios that allow us to understand them in detail. Through this medium, we get to experience and analyze the works of architects. All over the world and give our views effectively. Trends, inventions, research are important in design and architecture, and blogs are an interesting combination of all these presented engagingly. As a result, Below are mentioned 10 blogs that every architect must follow:

10. Archiverse

Archiverse is a growing platform that is on a mission to introduce Architecture to the world in a fun way. Here they will bring to you all the latest news details about Architecture. But more importantly, they share interesting architectural details about buildings as well as cities. My favorite part of the ArchiVerse blog website is their projects that are perfect for case studies that will be helpful for a lot of architecture students. Another exciting feature of theirs is their blogs which guide architecture students for their careers. The blog is great for inspiration and to find designers or Architects all around the world. This blog website is also helpful for the students who are pursuing architecture as it contains lots of case studies. The projects section has appropriate subcategories such as Residential, institution, commercial, etc., which makes searching so much easier and relevant. 

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021
ArchiVerse – Famous Architectural Website ©ArchiVerse

09. Life of an Architect

On a clearer note, this is a podcast-based blog website by an architect that presents simpler, general topics on living the architect’s history. Architecture is more than creativity as it needs a lot of skills, knowledge, and training. Hence amongst all the inspiration, it is necessary to know the reality, purpose and knows what it’s like to be one. Therefore, this blog is a fun, slice-of-life kind insightful podcast for you to enjoy, and that it is being run by a skilled architect is a bonus.

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021
Life of an Architect ©Life of an Architect

08. Architizer

Architizer is a perfect blog website to get inspiration as each category and section of theirs has subfilters which help you find exactly what you need. They have a finder for manufacturers, firms, and jobs all over the world that happens in handy and is very helpful. Their journal section has some amazing content for you to go through, learn, and get motivated. They also hold regularly challenges that will help you to sharpen your skills and explore the layers of architecture.

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021
Architizer Blog website ©Architizer

07. Archinet

The tagline of the Archinet blog website supports “connecting architects across the globe” that they reach through their content connecting designers, architects, and architecture students from all across the world with a variety of content. Their academic part is very exciting as it brings articles from students of architecture. Also gives us an impression of the growing minds. You can look for colleges and courses in architecture with their discussion. Their content is not only focused on architecture but also something that influences them socially and economically that needs attention too.

Archinet ©Archinet

06. Architectural Review 

This blog website is matching for any architect or architecture student to develop their critical and disruptive thought. The articles reach out in this blog as they have a storytelling narrative that increases the cause they express by the content. The blog is for anyone interested in architecture and who desires to learn from different points of view and perspectives. They have some millennial-based content like movies and podcasts that are unique and very engaging and truly entertaining.

Architectural Review – Famous Architectural Website © Architectural Review 

05. World Architecture News

It is necessary to stay in touch with things occurring around you, notably in the field of architecture. Design and architecture are enormous, it includes inventions, research, creations daily that define our future and to stay relevant. Hence this blog helps address that concern by bringing you exciting updates on architecture from all around the world.

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021
World Architecture News ©World Architecture News

04. Architectural Digest

The AD will be nearly on every list of architectural blogs website to look ahead to as they are a perfect mix of design, architecture, and interiors. Being one of the most beloved in the industry, they know what viewers demand and receive a quality of content in the form of ‘How-To’ posts, celebrity house tours, a great showcase of designs, etc. They also have a section called “The List” that includes various interior design brands from all across India. They also have a magazine and newsletter support to encourage you and keep you updated on popular trends in the field of architecture that is hard to miss.

Architectural Digest ©Architectural Digest

03. Designboom

‘Designboom’ blog website, as the name suggests, has a more unifying and holistic way towards all things: art & design and their prosperity over the years. They give great content of technology that is extremely relevant to the current scenario of the design world. Their divisions are sensibly categorized in terms of content and presentation that allows easy navigation. Another striking feature about this is they provide a ‘readers write’ section that enables architects and designers from all over the world to unite and express their opinions. Even if you are not into reading, they provide content in terms of videos that are insightful and entertaining. They enjoy an active social media presence on nearly all platforms and offer quality content. Also, they have some amazing competitions for architects all over the world to compete in.

Designboom ©Designboom

02. Dezeen

The most exciting and insightful section of theirs has to be their interviews and views section that covers a great set of designers, architects throughout the world, and a wide range of questions respectively. They cover everything about design originating from automobile, fashion to interiors and architecture. Hence allows you to explore the field of design and architecture in a detailed and meaningful way. You can launch your products in their showroom segment for it to reach all around the world virtually. The events guide section of their blog have convenient filter choices to make the search easier. This blog website also has over 181k subscribers as of FEB-2021 on youtube, truly so as their collection of video content is enriching and delightful. They also post job possibilities from all over the world and host awards to acknowledge talent.

Architectural Digest – Famous Architectural Website ©Architectural Digest

01. ArchDaily

First and leading, my favorite part of the ArchDaily blog website is their projects that are perfect for case studies that will be helpful for a lot of architecture students as you can become a member and save articles for future use. One of their most attractive features is that they are multilingual and provide content curated from all over the world. Nearly 40 new projects are updated daily in addition to allowing users to submit their projects. They also have a segment called city guides that might become a vital part of the itinerary for any traveling architect.

Along with these features they also have a large set of competitions, contests, exhibitions, and interviews. Their content is up to date providing news on architecture in times of covid-19, climate-responsive architecture, and many important topics in the time of emergency. In their product segment, they talk about software and their specifications along with discussing some great designs all around the world in the field of Architecture and Design.

10 Famous Architectural Website architects must follow in 2021
Architectural Digest – Famous Architectural Website ©Architectural Digest

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