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10 Most famous Pritzker prize winner in the history of Architecture

What is the Pritzker Architecture Prize? The Pritzker Architecture Prize is the most raised honor in the field of Architecture, it offers remarkableness and eminence to an architect and his work which render the characteristics, for example – ability, vision, commitment, and responsibility, Pritzker prize winner adds an incentive for the clients, society, and separates the plan giving to their commitments to humankind and the constructed climate through their type.

Meanwhile, Jay and Cindy Pritzker initiated the Pritzker Prize, who believed that a meaningful prize would encourage architects to contribute to betterment for humanity inspiring greater creativity within the architecture profession. 

Meanwhile, Well known Architects who have been granted with this honor are:

10. Phillip Johnson – First Pritzker prize winner

Phillip Johnson was the first to win the Pritzker Prize for the Glass House in 1979. It was additionally announced that the prize was for his “for a 50 year of creative mind and essentialness typified in a bunch of – museums, theaters, libraries, houses, gardens, and corporate structures”. The Glass House was a subordinate crafted by Mies Van Der Rohe’s Farnsworth House which was a notable task for the development of Modern Architecture.

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet3
Architect Phillip Johnson – First Pritzker prize winner ©

As a result, the Glass House takes care of the user, minimal structure, modern materials, and the effect of transparency and reflection.

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet2
Glass House ©

9. Robert Venturi 

Robert Venturi said “Less is Bore” to contradict Mies Van Der Rohe. It was his way of introduction with every architecture alternate. After that, Robert Venturi was the Pritzker Prize winner in 1991. He got the honor for the National Gallery which is in the city of Westminster, Central London.

Architect Robert Venturi 

Robert Venturi patched up his own house in a deconstructive model in the underlying phases of his journey and experiments. Firstly, the National Gallery expansion was an opposition that was won by Robert Venturi and the group, confronting the test of proceeding with it with the existing structure yet isolating its personality. Secondly, the structure has an irregular musicality yet commits towards the existing structure. Thirdly, the zoom entrance refuses the traditional requirement, which obliges setting and makes it into a veneer for central London court.

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet8
National Gallery ©

8. Tadao Ando 

A Japanese architect Tadao Ando, recognized for his most motivating venture – Church of the light, designed in 1989. As a result, he was the Pritzker prize winner in 1995. Space smells of radiant light through a cross, emblematically identified with Christianity. It is one of only a handful few models which state that architecture represents itself with no issue.

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet9
Tadao Ando ©

Ando never had proficient preparation from an architecture school however required night classes to learn architecture drawing, drafting, and inside planning. He had worked intimately with Frank L. Wright. Similarly, his style underscores the idea of sensation and actual capacities which are propelled by Japanese culture, making the ‘Haiku’ impact motivated by nothingness.

Church of light

7. Norman Foster 

Norman Foster was rewarded with the honor for the Millennium Bridge which is otherwise called the London Millennium connect. It is a steel structure overpass utilized by the people on foot to roam across the River Thames. The design had an extremely lightweight character, suspension links underneath the deck level.

Architect Norman Foster

As seen after that the scaffold was open for use, the vibration was credited to an under-investigated marvel whereby walkers crossing an extension that has a horizontal influence have an oblivious propensity to coordinate their strides to the influence, worsening it.

Glass dome

6. Rem Koolhaas 

Rem Koolhaas, an architect from the Netherlands, was the Pritzker Prize winner, 2000. He got this honor for Casa Da Musica, Jerusalem Archeological Park in Portugal.

Meanwhile, he said that spaces have lost their significance and changed over into junk space without contextualization and social reference to the spot, in one of his diaries. Afterward, he additionally turned into an Architecture pundit.

Casa Da Musica was the main structure planned particularly for performing expressions and artistic preparing, initiated in 2005. It was classified as “the most alluring structure by Architect Rem Koolhaas” by the New York Times. He was a modernist Architect yet knew the distinction between building space and planning space.

Casa Da Musica ©

5. Frank O Gehry 

Frank O Gehry won the Pritzker Prize in 2003 for his imaginative ideation at the Disney Concert Hall. At the point when you notice his plan, it appears to be that he plays with the structures, where they could be sculptural constructed centered around inward spaces. He left upon this excursion by planning his home in Santa Monica and gave the world a few magnum opuses, for example – the Dancing House, Guggenheim Museum, and so on.

Frank O Gehry 

Disney Concert Hall was developed in 2003, while Gehry says he envisioned Disney Concert Hall in stone, making the veneer sparkle around evening time however the customers were besotted with the metal exterior propelled by the Bilbao historical center and along these lines, it occurred. However, it didn’t prevent him from winning the good honor. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet4
Disney Concert Hall ©

4. Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid had changed the way one took a gander at architecture. She brought bends and slants into her designs. Zaha Hadid had fizzled in the underlying days of her life because of her smart thoughts. which were later valued. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet1
Image 1 – Zaha Hadid ©

She had won the Pritzker Prize for Contemporary art center constructed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004. It was Zaha Hadid’s first architectural project and as said by the Architecture critic, Herbert Muschamp “It was the most important building since the American cold war.” It is a highly appreciated building because it’s the exclusive use of materials and structural integrity. 

Contemporary art center constructed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004 by zaha hadid

3. Peter Zumthor 

In 2009, Peter Zumthor honored with the Pritzker Prize after his contribution in the field of Architecture for almost 40 years. However, His work has remained unpublished as he is a strong believer that Architecture can only be experienced first hand. Peter Zumthor wrote more about the spaces and user experience. He considered it to be a crucial part of designing. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet12
Peter Zumthor ©

He won the Pritzker Prize for 7132 Thermal Baths which is a hotel/spa in Vals in Switzerland. Above all, the concept is an inspiration from the stone quarry’s interpretation into a built space with the difference in transition spaces from small intimate space to grand bathing spaces.

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet13
Thermal Baths ©

2. B.V Doshi 

It made all Indian Architects proud, overwhelmed with joy when B.V Doshi received the prestigious award. Meanwhile, He is the first Indian Architect who got honored with the Pritzker Prize in 2018 for the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He served as the jury for the Pritzker Prize from 2005-2009. His journey started with an unpaid job with Le Corbusier, who was deeply involved in the design and planning of Chandigarh. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet5
B. V. Doshi ©

IIM, Bangalore portrays features such as open corridors, vertical plantation, open spaces making it an interactive campus for the students. In addition, dormitories became angled courtyard buildings linked together by walkways and verandahs. Ar. Doshi took the privilege of modern construction techniques and local masonry. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet6
IIM, Bangalore ©
10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet7

1. Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara 

Meanwhile, We heard about ‘two women Architects’ becoming the Pritzker Prize laureate. But, It was a misleading statement, where people could have easily said that ‘two architects shared the Pritzker Prize this year’.

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara 

It shows us that there still exists a face in the industry which gets astonished to see women as leading architects on a project. The project was The Grafton Building of Bocconi University which made the receiver of this honor. Meanwhile, Two architects from Ireland making a mark with modern architecture. As a result, the building is named after their firm’s name. 

10 Most famous Pritzker prize winners throughout history - Sheet14
The Grafton Building ©
No.Pritzker prize winnerYear
10Phillip Johnson1979
09Robert Venturi1991
08Tadao Ando 1989
07Norman Foster1999
06Rem Koolhaas2000
05Frank O Gehry2003
04Zaha Hadid2004
03Peter Zumthor2009
02B.V Doshi2018
01Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara 2020
Architect Pritzker Awardee

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