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10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center – By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers

10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center

The Pompidou Center is one unbelievable creation in architecture that thrashed down normal guidelines and aesthetic expectations. Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, this has been one of the controversial buildings of all time. As it exposes elements and unmasked envelope. Here go certain interesting or rather amusing facts about the Pompidou center on ArchiVerse. Which we might have missed out on your eyes and ears!

Pompidou Center by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
Pompidou Center Image source: ©

 1. The Story Behind Its Location

The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum, these two landmarks are equidistant from the Pompidou center. Placed right within the center of town, this structure replaced the market of ‘Les Halles’. Which was well-known for its fresh food trade in the 1960s. In spite of choosing a site for the new project, the decision to move a busy market. That proved to be skeptical and didn’t receive applause from the citizens. As far as the cultural value of the city, the Pompidou center did the magic of transforming a hectic shaggy open trade space addressed as an architectural disaster into an artistic creation. The fate of 1 of the undesirable isolated islands of region modified permanently accentuation what stunning design will do!

2. The Competition To Design The Building

It didn’t come simply to design this masterpiece. The chance was place hospitable the abilities within the town as a contest that was shortlisted. Then by an efficient panel including the then President of the country. Out of 681 entries from around 50 countries, the team of Piano and Rogers got the deal by creating a unique plan utilizing just half of the site. The final jury presentation is quite funny when both the winners went up the stage. They were with the ‘hippie-outlooks’ and Mickey mouse-printed trousers. This was considered outrageous yet confident to stand weird in front of well-dressed panel members in suits and boots. Though these two architects take pride in the creation, there is a third pillar to the design, an Italian architect named Gianfranco Franchini.

  • Pompidou Center by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
  • Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
  • Pompidou Center by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers

3. Behind The Interesting Façade

The unpolished structural façade is still a controversial topic. Even today, the French citizens frown at the aesthetic value of the structure collating it with a refinery or a mega-boiler. The phrase ‘Love at second sight’ by National Geographic just suits it so well , with all pipes, wires, steel rods, and escalators exposed but every color out there isn’t incidental! Green for plumbing ducts, blue for climate controls, yellow for electrical elements, and red for the transportation units from escalators to fire escapes, every color represents a function.

  • Façade ©
  • unpolished structural façade
  • unpolished structural façade

4. Able, But Not Capable

Another incontrovertible fact that you may not grasp is that the low show capability of the depository despite the name and fame it beholds. Though the center boasts of having more than 50,000 artworks and artifacts, the visitors can only see around 600 at a time. whereas others notice their house within the storage areas and attics, waiting to be recruited once a year and continued the walls.

5. The Story Behind Its Naming

Wondered how the name ‘Pompidou’ opted? The French president George Pompidou owned the whole idea of bringing a cultural museum and library in the city center. “I passionately want Paris to have a cultural center which will be both a museum and a creative center “was what began all the revolution. After announcing the start of the building construction in 1969, he commissioned the project until his death. Though he couldn’t witness the grand gap of the building, it had been named after this legend.

10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center -France - Sheet14
Image sources: Pompidou was elected 50 years ago: “Pompidou, it’s Macron’s dream”, says Alba Ventura ©

6. The Terrace With Views And The Way To Heaven

The transparent-enveloped escalator that ends up in the terrace of the building covers virtually the entire of the building diagonally. Polymethyl methacrylate and steel nails and ribs were the materials of the escalator and could be a referral to the ladder to heaven. The terrace gives you the most beautiful view of the layers of Paris. That was meant by the architects because the building was meant to be a movement and an urban toy wielding human minds and philosophies instead of being a dust-covered depository.

Pompidou Center by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
Image source: Terrace view ©

7. Not Just One, More Out There

Did you know that the one in France with an exposed multicolor façade is not the only Pompidou Center that goes by that name? Well, there are other branches like the ones in Metz, Malaga, Brussels, and Asia. Though these buildings weren’t highlighted and criticized by the public, nobody even knows they exist. Have a look through the other branches of the famous Pompidou Center.

8. Not Just The Building, Much More In The Premises

We all understand the most building, however it shadows several different creations around and beside it. Alexander Calder sculpted one of the mobile artifact sculpted called the ‘Horizontal’ inaugurated in 2012. Another masterpiece is the Stravinsky Fountain featuring abstract sculptures that move and spray water based on the works of famous composer Igor Stravinsky. Jean Tinguely did the combination of black figures and Niki de Saint-Phalle did the colorful sculptures. The plaza in front of the building has also received fame with dozens of artists performing mimicry, violin, juggling, and occasional carnivals.

  • 10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center - By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
  • 10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center - By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
  • 10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center - By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers

9. Friends That keep From way And For Long

With a bundle of art and talent, the Center Pompidou has got friends from quite far, from USA. With the vision to collect and gift or sell off the works of talented artists and craftsmen all across the world, this organization has become a strong backbone of the exhibitions held in the center.

10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center - By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
Rodgers and piano

10. Being A Movie Shooting Spot

Any place becomes special and noted once you find it in a movie or a documentary, and it stays in your mind forever. The Pompidou Center was one of the locations depicting a space station in the James Bond movie “Moonraker” featuring Michael Lonsdale.

10 Things you did not know about Pompidou Center - By Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
Image source: ©


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