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Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan.

Agora Tower - Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is a residential skyscraper. It is located in Taipei, Taiwan. Moreover, Agora Tower – green tower makes different skylines of the city. The rotating feature of the structure creates multiple facades. This benefits users and neighborhoods. The concept of design is a double helix of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). Moreover, it shows the source of life, energy, and twinning. This double helix stretches itself from base to top. They twist from 4.5-90 degrees in 20 levels.

Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan.

The four main objectives of used shapes are :
1. Firstly, the pyramidal profile of building volume combines in North / South. Its East / West elevations show a rhomboidal pyramid. Whereas North / South shows a reverse pyramid. The design of the project changes according to its orientation.
2. Secondly, to generate maximum open-air gardens, which is not part of F. A. R. (Floor area ratio). Thus the balconies exceed the limit of the required 10 percents.
3. Thirdly, the multiplication of diagonal views gives unusual overall views of the skyline.
4. At last, progressive geometry with corbels generates a flexible standardized level. Which assures the privacy of each apartment by avoiding direct vision.

shapes of Agora Tower

It is an eco-construction residence. And aims at limiting the ecological footprint of its inhabitants. By perfect combination between human and nature. The basic architectural concept is a self-sufficient energy tower. Whose energy is electric, thermal, and also sustaining. Further to fight air pollution it works as an Air purifier or Anti smog tower with a vertical chimney.

Carbon absorbing ecosystem in the Agora Tower

Additionally, multiple species of trees cover open spaces of the tower. Planting approx. 23,000 trees, shrubs on the ground floor, gardens, balconies, and terraces of each apartment. These plants make it a colorful urban forest park in all seasons. With 130 tons of carbon absorption annually. And green coverage at 246 % which is 5 times higher than local regulations. The plants help to provide oxygen, keep moisture environment, and surroundings. The plants hold seasonal characters of providing fresh air in summer, warmth, and ventilation in winter. Further, carbon reduction, methods like natural ventilation, chimney filters in the central core, rainwater recycling, fiber optic connection, wireless monitor control of LED lighting, and solar / wind power are applied.

Carbon absorbing ecosystem in the tower

Column free interior structure

The structure design provides a column-free interior as well as exterior. The central core acts as the human body. The 5m truss structure above 21F is 2 arms. Besides, two side mega columns act as ski poles. Load distributes through the suspended structural system and truss system. Via arms (beams) to the body (central core) and then down to the foundation. Moreover, this structural design gives a combination of science mechanics and the art of aesthetics.

Column free interior structure

Further, the structure considers earthquake-resisting factors. And adds toughness and strength to the tower. The design applies Taiji’s concept of the unceasing cycle of life. By rotating each floor plate by 4.5’ to a total of 90’ for the entire tower. Each individual apartment features 270’ views, column-free interior space, double floor design and flexibility, and freedom in the interior for each resident. Also, the column-free interior structure allows a wider window. With a view to truly enjoy beautiful hanging gardens.

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Overall spatial arrangements

In such a high-rise building experts for sunlight, thermal, wind, and rain were called for huge vertical plantation. The green space for each unit increases by projecting balconies. Dr.Zhang Fong-Chun from Japan a professional selects all the plants and shrubs. Which are appropriate to the soil, climate, and region. While, the structural design considers loading capacity, space, and covered depth for plants on the balcony. As well as the thickness of double floors of balconies considers pipeline allocations, drainage systems, and stainless steel planter boxes.

spatial arrangements

A light well unites at the central core. Which provides natural light and fresh air to each level of the basement. Thus parking, swimming pool, and fitness are naturally ventilated. Sky garages at each level can be accessed from B1 to both car lifts inside the central core. The parking in total welcomes 230 cars and 500 scooters with a comfortable drive area. Four levels of underground parking provide enough packing space. Windows from the ground floor start directly into basements for fresh air quality. Moreover for the ease of parking double wall of the basement are used. As well bio-based and recyclable materials are used for a friendly environment in the interiors.

Sustainability factors in Agora Tower

A double glass skin facade is used to reduce indoor temperature and decrease air conditioning consumption. In the central core by creating natural ventilation. Further, change of internal arrangements such as kitchen, baths, and bedrooms is possible. As well as any future renovations are possible, due to double decks (compound slabs) provided. Interior finishing and pipework maintenance can be completed without any disturbance to the adjacent apartment. Whereas, energy conservation uses solar and winds power systems. It supplies electricity in public spaces. And to reach annual carbon dioxide reduction to 35tons.

Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan

Energy-saving techniques like regenerative elevators, high-efficiency air conditioners, LED lighting and water-saving flush systems are built-in. Recycled rainwater along waterfalls on the ground floor is then sprayed into the garden. Huge solar cell pergola’s of 1000sq.m. at a height of 100m have been placed. Which transforms the sun rays into electric energy which further transfers into a network of buildings. Under this clubhouse with a wide sky, garden views are located. Whereas, the terrace provides an outstanding panoramic view of tower 101.

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Overview of Agora Tower

Walking down the streets the tower creates different profiles with moving shapes. Like wearing a planted dress with a built-in ecosystem. Adding flora and fauna in the heart of the city. Moreover, vertically revolving balconies on the facade feature a greening system of the project. The balconies are for rich plants and sunlight. On each layer of the apartment different characteristics such as an Ambient sky garden of approx. 165sq.m. for each unit. A complete vision of 270’ on each apartment. 14 planted trees on each floor with some shrubs. Artistic park of 6600sq.m. kept on the ground floor.

Agora Tower (Vincent Callebaut Architectures), Taipei. The Project is  currently under construction … | Eco architecture, Green architecture,  Futuristic architecture
Overview of Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan

Services and connectivity

The circumference of the site creates a forest. With a high fence and about 100 arbors grown. As well as the lush green walkways of width 5-6.5m are provided for use by the public and inhabitants. Transparent facades connect interior lobbies and outdoor spaces. Moreover gives high connectivity between interior community spaces and exterior.

Agora Tower Taipei, Taiwan - CMQ Consulting Engineers
Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan

The central core designed for the separation of vertical circulations. Into 2 housing units on the same level. The central core is fixed for the rotation of levels on each floor. It surrounds by a circulation loop, welcoming the entry foyer on each level. Besides rotation on each level, the central core creates beautiful green entrances on each unit.

At each level, the central core gathers 2 staircases, 4 high-speed lifts, 1 car lift, 2 sky garages in the glass. And vertical shafts for main flows. Further, a huge bearing exoskeleton in reinforced steel covers all the vertical services. The rotation on each level and customizable interior laying create a unique floor for residents. The additional vertical services integrate oblique shafts along with a glass facade. The services like rainwater, used water, hot water, electricity, under-floor heating, cool air, hot air, optic fiber, etc. crossing the central core can thus be irrigated horizontally. By a system of double-deck at each level without any disturbance.

Landscape design within the tower’s balconies

The concept is creating a vertical landscape with low energy usage. Along with the recycling of organic waste, used water, and renewable energy. And other new nanotechnologies like BIPV solar cells, rainwater recycling, etc. The landscape design is from the center of the tower. Which is in circles and arches which radiates to the center. A curved circular light well makes light for the rich plants in cascades to the deepest basement. Thus, the car parking, swimming pool, and fitness are naturally lightened and ventilated.

Agora Garden, a twisting, plant-filled tower in Taipei, will absorb 130  tons of carbon dioxide annually once completed | Building Design +  Construction
Landscape design within the tower’s balconies

The 4 main ecologic objectives of the tower are:

  • The reduction of climatic global warming.
  • Protection of biodiversity and nature.
  • Protection of the environment and surrounding quality of life.
  • Management of natural resources and waste.

The rotational system of the tower generates two types of specific balconies :
Firstly, Ascending or positive balconies: These balconies provide maximal sunshine and open-air which can help cultivate trees and shrubs of subtropical essences. According to each resident inserting solar cells sunshades is also possible.
Secondly, Descending or negative balconies: Partially shaded by superior level. In addition, These balconies provide relaxing spaces, space for the cultivation of flowers, aromatic plants, climbing, and falling species.


Agora Tower l Vincent Callebaut Architectures -
Agora Tower – Carbon absorbing sustainable Building in Taipei, Taiwan

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan gives practical actions on on-going climate issues and global warming. It adds the importance of trees and forests. Also carves the sustainability faith among users. Different from the regular modern city building built of concrete, glass, and steel, the tower looks like green twisted mountains in the urban center. As well as the planted species blaze the tower with beautiful colors and scent according to the changing seasons. In addition, these species develop the best micro-climate for their living inhabitants. Apart from this the tower strongly reveals the new benchmark of sustainability. As well as incorporating the living habitats with nature.


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