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Architect Hafeez Contractor – The man who draws India


Architect Hafeez Contractor has wedged the skyline of India. In abundant of the designed setting of metropolitan Asian nation-India with a clear characteristic stamp. Hafeez Contractor was born in Mumbai and studied at Boy’s Town Boarding School, Nasik. He completed his architectural studies from the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai. He graduated from Columbia University, New York, in 1976-77. However, his career began far earlier, in 1968 when he worked as an apprentice with Ar. T. Khareghat, a firm he became an associate partner with, in 1977. Between 1977 and 1980 Ar. The contractor has been visiting faculty at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.

Architect Hafeez Contractor – The man who draws India

Architect Hafeez Contractor has wedged the skyline of India. In abundant of the designed setting of metropolitan Asian nation-India with AN clear characteristic stamp. He created to follow in 1982 with a dedication to style excellence, economical delivery and class in building technology. Today, Hafeez Contractor heads the biggest discipline firm in the Asian nations. He has 550 team members, comprising of architects, urban/town planners, interior designers, landscape artists, civil engineers, CAD operators and 3D and graphic designers. The firm should its credit over 2500 clients and 7.2 billion sq ft. which comes from 100 cities and 5 countries.


He is the winner of over 75 National and International Awards for excellence in contributions to design together with CWAB designer of the Year (2006 to 2013). A+D Hall of Fame for the last decade Award. He has doubly has been enclosed in Asian nation Today’s Most Powerful Indians List in the last decade. He has won countless awards for best residential, commercial, academic and cordial reception comes across the Asian nation.

showroom inauguration

Architect Hafeez Contractor Passion

Ar. Contractor’s passion is to make structures that exemplify purposeful and aesthetic qualities. He has formed and altered the urban designed landscape of the country through provocative, unpredictable and revolutionary concepts. Whereas corporal punishment a good vary of discipline comes. His work spans the gamut of potentialities of the created space: bungalows, residential developments, hospitals, hotels, company offices, banking and monetary establishments, industrial complexes, searching malls, academic establishments, recreational and sports facilities, townships, airports, railway stations, urban coming up with, civic renovation and infrastructure come and low priced housing.

Famous work of Architect Hafeez Contractor

The spectacular chart of labour that Ar Contractor catalogues include a number of the tallest structures on the landmass. The Imperial Towers, Mumbai; one in all the tallest residential buildings within the world, 23 Marina, Dubai; Mumbai and New Delhi; he has modernized the 2 busiest airports of the country. One in all the most effective cricket stadiums of the globe, DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai. Except for industrial construction comes, he has endowed in researching and conceptualizing ways in which absolutely impact the urban setting with proposals for public areas and slum renovation. These embody ‘The Western city district Development,’ a theme that makes an attempt to rejuvenate the urban setting by making giant, open, inexperienced areas in Mumbai and streamlining the city’s transport desires, and is finally being complete as West Line state highway Project.

  • imperial-towers- Hafeez contractor
  • Hafeez contractor's 23 marina, Dubai
  • db-corporate-house-Hafeez contractor
  • Terminal-1-Mumbai-airport
  • proposed-dharavi-redevelopment-mumbai-Hafeez contractor
  • Terminal-3-Delhi-airport

Work for the society

Hafeez Contractor has conjointly worked on solutions for the problem of slums plaguing Mumbai. Together with officers of the urban development department and senior authorities, by introducing a Slum Rehabilitation theme. He’s presently empanelled and dealing with the housing boards of many Indian states together with geographic area, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, state, Madhya Pradesh. Hafeez Contractor was a member of the Bombay Heritage Committee and also the capital of India Lutyens house Zone Review Committee. His spectacular follow that has spanned over 3.5 decades, is predicated on a core philosophy.

  • dlf-cyber-city-gurgaon-image-18-02-2016_07_02_11_663dlf-cyber-city-gurgaon-image-18-02-2016_07_02_11_663
  • proposed-patna-world-city-patna-featured-22-02-2016_09_24_56_918
  • proposed-dharavi-redevelopment-mumbai-image-22-02-2016_08_41_06_343
  • proposed-dharavi-redevelopment-mumbai-featured-22-02-2016_08_41_06_815 (1)

He asserts, “Architecture ought, to be honest, and should answer the spirit of the time characterised by distinct concepts, disparate missions, different convictions and divergent preferences. it’s this enduring belief that has brought ME to wherever I’m nowadays.” a powerful advocate of the vertical growth of cities, considered land use and also the would like for property, compact cities to take care of an ideal harmony between increasing population and restricted natural resource, Ar. A contractor has conjointly worked with a number one Gurgaon-based developer to influence government that high-rise development has a lot of benefits in terms of quality life versus intense walk-up structures dotting the landscape.

Ar. Contractor is hooked in to social housing and his dream is to supply a house for each Indian.

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